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Gigi's Story...

Hi, I’m Gigi. Now, you might be thinkin’ -

Why am I readin’ some random girl’s journal?

Well, let me fill you in on what you’re about to dive into.

Since I was a little girl all I ever wanted to do was make people feel good. I had it set in my head that I was going to be a hairdresser and make everyone feel beautiful. Now, growing up in an Italian-American family in Chicago, being a hairdresser was I guess you could say, “The Norm.” Surrounded by hairdressers growing up, that was my way into pursuing something that I love. I had other talents and passions too, but didn’t know how to use them towards my goal, into a career. My ability to sketch freehand into art turned into a hobby. Sure, I could have gone to the Art Institute if I wanted to, but I couldn’t connect it with how I wanted to connect with people, so I utilized my artistic ability into the beauty industry. Then there was my passion and love for music. I never really had the support or guidance to turn that into a career, it’s just always been a part of me naturally. I loved being on stage. I was always in school plays, and travelled with my concert choir putting on different productions. My favorite show was singing at the Museum of Science and Industry during Christmas time. I attended Catholic school growing up, and loved singing in the church choir in my neighborhood. Music was with me everywhere I went. I couldn’t be in a car without singin’ to the radio, or sittin’ in my room with my boombox turned up, or headphones in my ears. When I was a kid, I would get so excited for Saturday nights. Made sure I had my blank cassette ready and pressed record when the mixes came on the radio. I connected everything in my life to a song. Sometimes I would take a song on the radio and alter the lyrics in my head to fit a situation happening in my own life thinkin’, what could this sound like if it came from me? That’s just how my brain works. I was a songwriter and didn’t know it. My connection to music brought me comfort and could never be changed or taken away, even though everything else around me was. There was no medicine that could relieve me of my anxiety; the only remedy was music.

You’re probably wonderin’, why am I publishing a book and not singin’ on a stage somewhere or recording? Like a recording artist, this is my way of sharing my music with people. My journal is my album – but unlike a music album, mine is filled with the heart of my songs. Some of my beats are long, some are short. Like a journal, some days you just wanna write your thoughts, and some days a story. This gives me the chance to allow others to connect to my lyrics to maybe something similar they are going through, or have experienced, without my anxiety getting the best of me. Maybe I could motivate others to also not be afraid to take a risk, and follow the music beats in their hearts, just like artists have done for me. I had my life figured out, and thought I knew exactly what I wanted, and how I was going to get there. God had a different plan for my journey. He stepped in, took the wheel, and re-routed me to where I should be goin’. He put that destination inside me a long time ago - 

I just needed to turn on my GPS...

This is the soundtrack to my road trip.

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